Staying in touch with your customers is relationship builder. Staying in touch with your company culture is a business builder. Emma utilizes Kindling to manage customer input and manifest internal company culture. Go team!

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Following a comprehensive evaluation of products in the Innovation Software market we chose Kindling to power our Bright Spark Ideation Program, on a fit for purpose basis. Kindling was a breeze to deploy as well as easy and logical for our 7,000+ employees to adopt. The people at Kindling are flexible to do business with and there for more than just the sale. They truly care about your innovation program’s success. – Chris Meakins, Head of Innovation & Strategy

Total Participants 7000


Kindling has completely transformed the way we listen to our customers and our support staff. It’s now 3 months after launch, and we’ve already delivered projected cost savings far in excess of our initial investment. Using Kindling to give our support staff a voice in our daily operations was the best thing I did [this year]. – Sean Conrad, NortonLive Consumer Services


Kindling has created a tool that helps LeapFrog employees unleash and share their innovative ideas throughout the company, benefiting our products and our customers. – John Caldwell, Principal Engineer

Motley Fool

We’re full of ideas here at the Fool—big ideas, bright ideas, sometimes crazy ideas, our employees are always dreaming up new things and then sharing them with other teams across the organization to improve and optimize the results. We found that Kindling could offer us a powerful solution, and already it is helping us stimulate the innovation cycle and deliver results that delight our customers and drive our business. – Scott Day, CTO

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Total Ideas 565


I was thrilled when we launched Kindling to discover it was an instant and powerful idea engine. Our team found that its ease-of-use, ability to vote, and to quickly comment and scan ideas and discussion were an immediate win. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring this to clients or stakeholder communities. – Doug Thompson, CEO, Remedy Communications and Owner, Metanomics

Department of Veterans Affairs

The platform enables unprecedented levels of collaboration and comment, and even allowed participants to "vote" on the ideas they thought would have the greatest, far-reaching impact. The VA innovation competition will create a new channel for best ideas to rocket right to the attention of the President and Secretary Shinseki, and for the outstanding employee-innovators behind those ideas to get some serious recognition. Read the full article – Aneesh Chopra, Federal Chief Technology Officer of the United States

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We always wanted to create a hub for our team to brainstorm ideas for clients and to discuss new platforms, trends, and opportunities. We implemented Kindling and within 24 hours I knew we had our solution. Kindling has provided the VaynerMedia team the ultimate digital outlet for our innovation. – AJ Vaynerchuk, Co-founder

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Total Ideas 2150


Kindling has been a great way to gather input and build concensus across a large, cross-functional and geographically fragmented team. The Kindling interactions that occurred before our meetings allowed us to brainstorm and debate in advance, thereby making our face to face meeting time more efficient. – Greg Webb, Sr. Marketing Manager


Our use of Kindling Campaigns with rewards was the turning point in getting our people focused and motivated on key company issues and topics. It’s amazing how quickly and naturally Kindling has become part of our company culture. – Chris Forbes, CEO


At Emma, we’re always thinking—okay, obsessing—about how to make our email marketing service the best it can be. And Kindling helps us do just that. With an incredibly handy way to collect and organize ideas from customers and staffers, we’ve simplified how we turn those fantastic ideas into even fantasticker features. Yes, fantasticker. It’s a word. – Grey Garner, Product Manager

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Total Ideas 763


Kindling has helped us share and organize our ideas like never before. The vote and comment features let all our stakeholders have a say, and the leaderboard feature really motivates people to share their best ideas! Kindling is such a simple idea, but executed so well. – Janakan Arulkumarasan, Director

Local Matters

We selected and rolled Kindling out effortlessly and the response has been tremendous. Our employees and customers are extremely active and we have already seen the ROI through a number of implemented ideas that the community got behind. Some of these ideas have already made it into our products – providing real value to our customers, and other ideas have made Local Matters a better place to work. – Chris Black, SVP, Technology


Kindling has enabled the big thinkers in our organization a chance to lay their ideas out for everyone to see. It is also a home for those that enjoy the scientific or market based dialogue to participate from any part of the globe at any time of day. – Rick Michelman, PhD, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

What has been even more impactful has been the constant, ongoing interplay of ideas, thoughts and knowledge between people across the company. – Bruce Berglund, Global Business Unit Manager, Paper Coatings

Total Ideas 237


By using Kindling, our goal of empowering employees to bring forth ideas to improve and grow our organization has been realized. Kindling gives everyone in our organization a chance to be heard and make an impact. – Alya Sherman, VP, Corporate Initiatives


Kindling helps Interfolio find its best ideas…and then put them into action. – Steve Goldenberg, CEO

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